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At Oasis Optometry, we believe it’s important that each patient understands what’s happening with their eyes along with the treatments available and their effects on their overall health. Schedule a routine eye exam to assess your vision and screen your eyes for diseases.



Want the benefits of getting your eyes dilated, but don’t want to be light sensitive and see a blurry phone afterwards?

Dilated eye exams are an important aspect of your routine exam. It helps detect many health conditions often before you notice them. Here at Oasis Optometry, we offer state-of-the-art technology to fully assess your eye health from the front to the back! Traditional dilation can have inconvenient side effects, but our office offers advanced imaging of your eye health so that you can continue your day without delay!


Anxious of that dreaded “air-puff test”?

This screening test actually gives us important information, and is used to assess your risk of eye conditions or diseases, so we don’t want to skip out. However, we get it—us doctors have a hard time opening our eyes for that air puff too! Good news is that we offer a new way to measure your eye pressure, without compromising accuracy or better yet, any air puff. A win-win in our book!

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Eye Exam

Diabetic retinopathy is when high blood sugar levels cause damage to blood vessels in the retina. Because the consequences of diabetic retinopathy can be so severe, it is standard of care to have a comprehensive diabetic eye exam every year, whether you are newly diagnosed or have had it for 15 years.


If you have not gotten an exam in a while it is crucial you schedule an exam as soon as possible. You may get dilated during your visit in order to help the doctor spot any problems, but our office can offer a more convenient alternative with retinal imaging that will capture an image of the back of your eye and detect any abnormalities your eye may present.

Start taking care of your eye health today!
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