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Myopia Control

Myopia, referred often synonymously as near-sightedness, is a growing concern. Currently, approximately 30% of adolescents are affected by myopia, and it is estimated that by 2050, half of the world’s population will become myopic. Myopia is often diagnosed in childhood, and based on genetics and environmental factors, myopia can accelerate quickly, especially in younger children.


In the past, no such treatments to slow myopia were available. Eye doctors would watch prescriptions get higher and higher each year, and while glasses and regular contacts could help correct myopia, there was nothing that could be done to slow down its progression. However, now safe treatments are available to treat myopia.

Why is myopia concerning?

While regular glasses and contact lenses can help kids see more clearly, they do not slow down the progression of myopia, which means kids may need increasingly stronger prescriptions as they continue to grow.


It was previously thought that only high myopic prescriptions were concerning, but we’ve learned that there is no safe level of myopia. Being myopic increases the risk of developing sight-threatening eye health conditions in the future, and that risk factor exponentially grows beyond -3.00 diopters:

Myopia Risk Factors

Treatment Options

Early intervention provides the best opportunity to slow myopic progression and protect a child’s vision for decades. Here are four ways to slow myopia in children and teenagers:



Orthokeratology therapy involves custom-made lenses that can improve vision by temporarily shaping the front surface of the child’s eye gently. These contacts are meant to be worn at night during sleep, meaning they will only be wearing them at home. Once removed in the morning, patients are able to enjoy clear vision throughout the day without the need of lenses. This is a great option for our active kids! Orthokeratology is unique in that it can both correct and slow myopia.

Misight 1 Day Contact Lenses

CooperVision Misight 1 Day Contact Lenses are FDA-approved contact lenses for controlling myopia progression in children. Its design allows children to see clearly and signals the eye to slow down in its growth. MiSight contact lenses are daily disposable contact lenses, custom fit by an optometrist to provide optimal vision correction. In the FDA trials, children as young as 8 years were able to handle their lenses confidently soon after the initial fitting.

eye drops

Atropine Drop Therapy

This involves a prescription eye drop that is instilled at night into children’s eyes. Studies have shown that when used with the correct pair of glasses, these drops can help slow the progression of myopia. Patients put one drop in each eye everyday and then wear their glasses like normal. This is a great solution for the young kids who aren’t quite ready to try contacts. One of the benefits of Atropine is that we can always move into contacts once patients feel they are ready for the next step.

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