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Eye Health & Cosmetics

Eye Health & Cosmetics

Women’s eyes are regularly exposed to potential irritants through the use of cosmetics. It is vital to ensure that the products you use to apply and remove your makeup are hygienic to prevent irritation that can cause redness, discomfort, and the potential development of an eye infection.

Beauty Tips

By taking the following precautions it may help prevent the development of an eye infection.

  • Wash your hands before applying makeup.
  • Sanitize your brushes after you use them.
  • Sharpen your eyeliner before each use.
  • Replace your eye makeup often.
  • Avoid sharing your makeup.
  • Always remove your eye makeup before going to bed.
  • Wash your lashes – leftover glue or old makeup debris can collect at the lash margin causing skin irritation due to bacteria buildup on the lashes.
  • Never apply mascara or eye shadow in a moving vehicle or in a location where a sudden bump will cause the applicator or cosmetic brush to jab your eye and scratch the surface of the eye.

What NOT to use

The following products/ingredients can contribute to: dry eye syndrome, styes, red eyes, allergic conjunctivitis, blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction and blurred vision.

Ingredients used in waterproof mascara can cause eyelashes to dry out, which can lead them to fall out. Water-proof makeup can also become permanently embedded in the underside of the eyelid. Eyeliner on your waterline can potentially block the glands known as meibomian glands that release an oily substance, which can lead to dry eye or irritation. Glitter eye makeup is a common cause of corneal infections, especially among those who wear contact lenses. Therefore, it should be avoided when possible. A piece of glitter in the eye can be similar to getting a grain of sand in the eye. Not only is it irritating, but it can scratch the eye.

Ingredients to avoid in your cosmetics:

  • BAK (benzalkonium chloride)
  • Parabens
  • Cinnamates
  • Wax
  • EDTA
  • Urea (a formaldehyde-donating preservative)
  • Sodium hydroxymethyglycinate
  • Bonopol
  • Glyoxyl
  • Prostaglandin analogs (look for the suffix -prost)

Products our Doctors proudly carry and recommend

Twenty Twenty Get Growing Lash and Brow Serum is packed with conditioning and hydrating castor oil, argan oil & coconut oil, to help promote the appearance of longer, fuller-looking lashes and brows.

Optase Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Wipes contain a gentle concentration of tea tree oil, and chamomile combined with hyaluronic acid. The textured surface aids for a more effective removal of dirt, eye makeup and debris leaving the eyelids fresh and moisturized.

Avenova Hypochlorous Spray targets to remove microorganisms and debris from lids and lashes. Which is also safe for everyday use.

If you develop any type of reaction as a result of irritation from eye cosmetics, don’t hesitate to contact our office!

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