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Good vision helps children reach their full potential. The American Optometric Association recommends that children have their first eye exam at 6 months of age to ensure that their eyes are developing normally. After this initial visit, doctors recommend that you bring your child for a second eye exam every year or at least by age 2 or 3, and then again before they start school.

Does Your Child Have

Vision Problems?

Below are some common signs that your child may have vision problems:

  • Frequent eye rubbing or blinking
  • Squinting, closing, or covering one eye
  • Excessive tearing or watery eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Holding objects too close to their face
  • Tilting or turning head to look at objects

Even with all these signs, your child may not complain if their vision is blurry! An eye exam, not a vision screening, is important to evaluate for amblyopia, commonly known as a “lazy eye,” which may have permanent effects on a child’s vision.


We are well-equipped to evaluate children at our office, and will make sure your child is awarded for being a great patient!

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